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A VR Survival Car Chase Game

DIRE is a VR survival car chase about a single mother in a dying world.
Playing as Ember, a woman damaged by mysterious circumstances, you need to stay ahead of a toxic sandstorm, while avoid attacks from your nemesis “Rustborne.” By strategically using the limited amount of nitro and the rear-view mirrors, as well as navigating the treacherous landscape in an effort to lose Rustborne, you can live to see the end. In general, the focus of driving in DIRE is survival, not racing.


Watch this 3D Video Trailer with Google Cardboard/Oculus Rift/HTC Vive


Dire is all about the chase and dealing with the situations created by it. Enemies will approach the player differently. For example, an enemy that tailgates the player waiting for an opportunity to ram the player. Another enemy type will be one that aggressively tries to pass the player and brake in front of them. The player can sense being surrounded and take action by switching lanes right when the enemy in front brakes and causing him to be hit by the enemy that is tailgating the player.

We want to focus on the best part of driving without being bogged down by excessive realism. For instance, crashing into a wall and then reversing and then moving a bit and reversing. We want the players to always be moving, and all that stops the player are the enemies coming from behind.

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An Intel University Games Showcase at GDC
Our booth at Intel Engage Zone
Our booth at Intel Engage Zone
Our booth at Intel Engage Zone
DIRE at NYU Game Center booth
Great talk with Shane from PS
At the Intel presentation

Working as programmer and game designer

with Tony Kao, Randy Sabella, Eliran Vegh and Graham Southern

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